'Look over there!' How the social media giants got a free pass on Twitter during the #techhearings

In this episode Mike and John discuss how the conversation on Twitter unfolded around the appearances of Google, Facebook and Twitter at the so-called 'tech hearings' before representatives of Congress and the Senate in the United States.

They conclude that because so much focus was on 'Trump-Russia' rather than the role of the platforms themselves, the social media giants are getting a free pass on their position as aids to weaponised disinformation.


Show notes & links:

Zachary Elwood - Examining fake-American Facebook accounts posting rightwing and pro-Trump content

Business Insider - Facebook's Russia scandal isn't hurting its credibility with investors

Business Insider - Big Tech blew its big moment at the Russia hearings

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The Brexit Botnet and User-Generated Hyperpartisan News by Marco T Bastos & Dan Mercea, City University London - please note there will be a full episode soon devoted to discussing this paper, with the authors, on the Disinformation Age.