Rhizome theory, Remainers and news pollution

In this episode John introduces Mike to Rhizome theory in relation to the information structures of the internet as a "uniquely distributed network with no centre and a uniquely changing form" - and the challenges that presents to dealing with information pollution.


Photo by  Matt Artz  on  Unsplash

Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash

An introduction to Rhizome theory can be seen here.

This article on Russia's outsourcing of propaganda content is referenced in the discussion.

Russia's troll factory also paid for 100 activists in the US


Volume 1 of the Mentionmapp e-book is now available to download.

Ecosystem of Fake - Bots, Information, & Distorted Realities - Vol. I - History

This unique study of the background to today's information crisis is a must-read.