Where we go one, we go crazy - a beginners guide to the #QAnon conspiracy

As conspiracy theories go, QAnon is more than just a classic of the genre. It provides a strong narrative arc that stands as a grand unifying conspiracy theory. Complete with its own language and strongly participatory social structure. There’s something for everyone, in the world of QAnon.

QAnon would be little more than an entertaining internet story, were it not for the way it tends to leak into the real world - often with violent consequences.

Image credit - Ryan McGuire ( @BellsDesign ) via  Gratisopgraphy

Image credit - Ryan McGuire (@BellsDesign) via Gratisopgraphy

QAnon represents the apex of conspiracy theories, ranging as it does from ludicrous tales of organised child abuse by the world’s liberal elites to fictitious versions of the Mueller investigation.

As an esoteric American phenomenon it has largely passed the British public by. In this episode, writer and investigator Mike Rothschild offers a QAnon 101 and discusses where it fits in with a long tradition of internet storytelling.

Resources for further information, some of which are mentioned in the show, can be investigated below.

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QAnon is successfully monetised by a few key players, as NBC revealed here .

Will Sommer is a must-follow for QAnon and related news - on Twitter at @willsommer.

Mike Rothschild’s website is here .

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