Episode 1 - setting the scene for a journey into fake

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The Disinformation Podcast begins with an introduction to John Gray, co-founder of the Twitter network visualisation tool Mentionmapp Analytics. Over time, John and me will be taking a closer look at the gaming of social media platforms - and Twitter in particular - by the purveyors of false information and creators of fake online personas. 

In this first episode we set the scene for our future work and I give a heads up on a story that will unfold over time. It's about an apparent multi-platform network of social media accounts that connect across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. A fake information network that appears to be run by two real people.

Keep an eye on this page - this is where we'll be posting the show notes for every future episode, including network visualisations and other material illustrating our investigations.

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Who the hell is @DavidJoBrexit (formerly @DavidJo52951945)?

The anonymous Twitter account 'David Jones' identified by The Times as a Kremlin agent - but probably just a Northern Ireland UKIP creation

The anonymous Twitter account 'David Jones' identified by The Times as a Kremlin agent - but probably just a Northern Ireland UKIP creation

In December 2016 I became curious about an influential pro-Brexit Twitter account called 'David Jones' aka @DavidJo52951945.

Although 'DavidJo' claimed a location of 'Southampton/Isle of Wight' my investigations of the account's origins led to the office of a UKIP councillor in Upper Bann, Northern Ireland, called David Jones.

I interviewed Mr Jones, who denied any connection, and the mystery of who was behind such a popular account remained. The story of my findings and interview with Mr Jones was published in print only, by the New European, with no further developments until August 2017.

Then a threaded Twitter post by @Conspirator0 argued that 'DavidJo' seemed to be a Russian actor. The Times of London picked up the story and ran it under a front page headline Thousands of Twitter users 'deceived by Russian agent'.

I was invited onto LBC's James O'Brien show that morning to discuss that story and the wider issues around politically hyper-partisan social media activity. You can listen to that interview below.

Meanwhile, the elusive 'DavidJo' has locked its account to private mode, reconfigured its biography and taken a new name 'DavidJoBrexit'. At the time of writing, no one is any the wiser as to who he, she or they are.